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Mission and Vision Statements

Central Office

Mission Statement

The mission of Grand Junction Elementary School is to provide a nurturing and safe environment that promotes a desire for life long learning; therefore, enabling all students to reach their maximum potential.

Vision Statement

The vision of Grand Junction Elementary School is to provide a well-structured environment in order to maintain high academic standards, thus equipping students with the tools necessary to become responsible citizens and productive members of society.

Hardeman County Mission Statement

The mission of the Hardeman County School System is to prepare each child for the future by developing skills, nurturing talents, molding characters, and inspiring dreams.

State of Tennessee Educational Mission Statement

The mission of the State of Tennessee Department of Education is to help teachers teach and children learn.

School Beliefs

At Grand Junction Elementary School, we believe:

  • All children can learn.
  • All children deserve a quality education which allows them to develop into successful adults.
  • All children benefit from a challenging curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.
  • Technology, used as an integral part of the curriculum, helps increase student achievement.
  • The school environment should foster a positive relationship among students, teachers, parents, and the community.
  • All children must be provided connections to real-life experiences.
  • Education should emphasize high expectations, optimize each child’s potential, and enhance self-esteem – instruction will be aligned to the state standards.
  • Education should provide a strong foundation to prepare students for the next grade level.
  • Education should provide an opportunity for all children to think, dream, believe, and achieve personal success.